A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

[This is an alpha, with not much gameplay yet. I may develop this further sometime.]

The world's first Space Fishing game has arrived! Please play in fullscreen if at all possible!
Warning: may cause dizziness. (Press C to change camera modes if this bothers you.)

You are in a small spaceship, go around and collect fish to survive. There is no winstate. You can goof around, cook fish, try to fit 3 fish in your airlock, race around the map, stare out the windows into space, play pong with fish, get dizzy...

I've also included an OS/X build, but I had no means to test it, sorry. I've tested on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Ubuntu 14.04.1.

Made for Ludum Dare MiniLD #56 Pick'n'Mix 2


v1.01 changelog:
* Added buttons for zooming (Z/U), for those suffering without a mouse
* Turning music off/on now persists through restarts
* Reorganized the ingame help text

Install instructions

Just unpack and run!


SpaceFishing-1.01-win-x86.zip 13 MB
SpaceFishing-1.01-win-x86_64.zip 15 MB
SpaceFishing-1.01-mac-untested.zip 23 MB
SpaceFishing-1.01-linux.tar.gz 25 MB
SpaceFishing-1.01-source.zip 29 MB

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